Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maintain Peace At Home

In todays world, people fight with each other on minor issues.It is commonly seen that spouses are dissatisfied with each other and take out their shortcomings. To maintain peace, there are certain things which each one of us should keep in mind.
 Patience- if someone says something wrong to you, don't  argue with that person. When he/she is in good            
mood, then assert your point in a normal voice tone without offending that person. If there is a
 conflict between the spouses then it is the children's responsibilty  to settle their conflicts peacefully.
Respect- remember to give respect to each and every member of the family which is possible by paying attention to their small desires and wants. Remember not to say any word which hurts your spouse.
Ignore your loved ones small mistakes.

Control your Anger- do not confront the anger of the person instead keep yourself in cool temperament and leave the place at that moment. And when the person has cooled down, explain him/her what you wanted to say or do in a peaceful manner.

Help your partner- if your partner is unable to deliver his/her best then help your partner by providing an external employer to maintain harmony in the family which helps to reduce bitterness in the family.

Do not interfere in each others work- do not hold alot of expectations from each other, give your spouse his/her space.

Discuss each others' problems- like financial, emotional, health and other issues like children's education or marriage.Put efforts to deal with these issues.

Discuss your troubles with the elders of your family-their experience will provide you the best solutions for your problems.

Do not say words which would leave a mark in your relationships. Maintain patience during tough times and search for the best solutions to maintain the family's values and development    


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